Carol Bly Post Card Fiction

Carol Bly's "Letters From the Country" was the inspiration for Writers Rising Up's new post card fiction submission opportunity in her honor. Often referred to as the "Lioness of Letters," Bly exemplified the moral certitude and sheer bravery necessary to  tackle issues we still find ourselves addressing today, including abuse, misogony, and hypocricy. Now the small town or city existence is practically irrelevant, because our reach extends to communities on Facebook, Instagram posts or Tweets. We are surrounded by exchanges, snippets of  opinion, criticism in a daily dose of intellectual discourse. 

 The Carol Bly post card fiction submission elicits a time in history that for the most part has been displaced by digital interactions. But really, the concept hasn't changed,  it's just that now you can share with thousands of people. Stick to the themes including place, inner struggles and relationships and their interrelationship. 

What's the intent of a post card, what is it trying to say?

1. I am making time for you.

2. I care enough about what I am saying that I feel it's important to share.

3. I'm not afraid to make a statement and stand out from the rest.

4. My words and thoughts do make an impact on others.

Bly believed her writing had a duty beyond entertainment, that dissenters were our greatest thinkers, that curmudgeons, eccentrics, and people who thought for themselves, and weren't followers,  keep all of us moving forward. 

She wrote as if places and people were inseperable themes. Convention and posed cheerfulness gave way to truth instead.

Guidelines, submission deadlines and rules can be found at our Events and Contests link. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered.

Note that only submissions that are political in nature  will not be considered.