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Writers Rising Up is a 501(c) (3) public charity. Contributions are tax deductible. We encourage a deeper understanding and participation in environmental stewardship. Through the literary arts at community events, contests, workshops, literary performances, interpretive installations and publications, our focus is on nature education and writing. Through our submission opportunities we promote writers who associate their work to cultural, spiritual and social connections to place, the land, natural habitat, including flora, fauna and wetlands.

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Elizabeth Fries Ellet Interpretive Trail

Wilderness in the city

The City of Eden Prairie, Minnesota owes its name to Elizabeth Fries Ellet, the East Coast writer who visited the area in 1852. In her travelogue book, Summer Rambles in the West, Ellet described the Minnesota River Valley which adjoins the current day City of Eden Prairie as the garden spot of the territory.

The celebrated valley of the Minnesota River–called St. Pierre by the French, and until recently, St. Peter’s—extends in a general direction from west to east, and, with the country along its tributaries, forms the garden spot of the territory.

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Writers & Readers Common Grounds

Ellet, Gossip, Historian, Writer…

Who was this woman? A female who seemingly excelled at mischevious gossip and entangled relations with the opposite sex (Edgar Allan Poe and Rufus Grisowold), Elizabeth Fries Ellet anecdotally named the city of Eden Prairie on her visit here in 1852. Unlike most of her fellow writers at the New York literary soirees of the 19th century, Ellet was a prolific writer and broke with tradition by writing for dime novels, lady’s magazines and newspapers (penny press) in what many writers of the time referred to as yellow journalism.

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Bug City: Make a Bug

2019 Event Info

Bug City: Make a Bug Fourth Event – Join us at Eden Prairie’s 4th Hometown Celebration
Bug Tent at Round Lake Park July 4th from noon-6 p.m. Volunteers needed (must be accompanied by parent if under age 18)
•Live Bugs
•Write Shaped Bug Poems and Create Bugs in a Jar
•Take a selfie with Butterfly, Lady Bug Wings
• Create your own Buggy Face Art

Bug City: Make a Bug is sponsored every year by Eden Prairie Metropolitan Ford.

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Winning Writers…

Submission Guidelines

Winning Writers Submission Guidelines

  • All submission opportunities must be in English and are open to all who live in the United States 48
  • All submissions must be submitted via Submittable at https://wrup.submittable.com/submit
  • All winning entries will be published online only
  • No submissions will be accepted via email
  • Please include contact information and bio with your submissions
  • Submissions that don’t follow the guidelines will not be considered
  • Writers Rising Up reserves the right to declare no winner or winners
  • Writers own all rights to their writing
  • Winners only must submit (color optional) head shot, and four high quality jpeg images related to your work that will be published on our blogs.

Wilderness in the City Events

Outdoor Excursions on the trail

Past events at the EFEIT can also be found at the City of Eden Prairie’s website.

New Wilderness in the City excursions to be announced in the future.

You can also check out some of our past excursions on our blog.

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