Entries by Vicki Price

2018 Bill Holm Winner, Jayne Marek

The titles of Jayne’s pieces are “Snow Day,” “Hungry,” “The Balance,” “Winter Pond as Window,” “Worry,” and “Woodcock Walk.” Since I lived for over 30 years in the upper Midwest, I have written a number of poems about that distinct ecology and climate, especially about the cold months. This set reflects the chilly joys of […]

2017 Prairie Poetry Prize Winner Carla Gober

Carla Gober-Park, of Redlands, CA, is the winner of the 2017 Prairie Poetry Prize Prairie Sampler contest with her beautiful submission “Prairie Poetry- Prairie Grasses.” Congratulations! Carla works as a professor and administrator at Loma Linda University in Southern California. Much of her writing focuses on nature and health, whether health of the land, people, […]

2017 Paul Gruchow Essay Contest Winner, Alice D’Allesio

Alice D’ Allesio is the winner of the 2017 Paul Gruchow Contest for her essay “Tending the Valley.” Congrats Alice. She is a Middleton poet whose poems often reflect the wonder of the natural world, and/or the environmentalist’s vision. Social/political commentary and family/love relationships are also favorite subjects, rendered with a serious or light touch. […]

Digging to the Roots 2016 Ina Roy Faderman

Ina Roy-Faderman is the winner of the 2016 Digging to the Roots Color Poetry Contest. Congratulations Ina! Ina Roy-Faderman’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Right Hand Pointing, Clade Song, the Tupelo 30/30 Project and elsewhere; California Poet Laureate Dana Gioia named her “Elegy for Water” the winning poem of the Richmond Anthology of […]

Bill Holm Witness Poetry

Bill Holm was a frequent participant at Writers Rising Up’s workshops. He often read and lectured with fellow Minnesota author Carol Bly at Writers Rising Up’s events held at the Minnesota Landscape Abroretum. Carol and Bill would listen intently to each other. Bill overflowed with stories and memories,  wisdom and experiences in the retelling of […]

Carol Bly Post Card Fiction

Carol Bly's "Letters From the Country" was the inspiration for Writers Rising Up's new post card fiction submission opportunity in her honor. Often referred to as the "Lioness of Letters," Bly exemplified the moral certitude and sheer bravery necessary to  tackle issues we still find ourselves addressing today, including abuse, misogony, and hypocricy. Now the […]

Bug City:Make a Bug

In 2016 Bug City: Make a Bug poetry submission will be a lot more fun for kids. Poems will again focus on the species at the Elizabeth Fries Ellet Interpretive Trail at the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area. Poems must be in the shape of a bug. Examples of Shaped Poems can be found here […]

Digging to the Roots 2016 Poetry Anthology

Grasshoppers, and this one's a younger version of a Melanoplus bicittatus, or two striped grasshopper, live in moist meadowy areas: meadows, prairies, crop fields, road sides, vacant lots, ditches, streams, and vegetable gardens, etc. What's remarkable about this species is their destructive bent.  They are referred to as a pest species. Grasshoppers, like the Melanopulus […]