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Writers Rising Up Promoting Literary Arts Eden Prairie Minnesota

Prairie Poetry Prize: Prairie Grass Sampler Anthology
Sunday, January 1, 2017 - Saturday, August 19, 2017  


Prairie Poetry Prize: Prairie Sampler Anthology - Submit up to seven poems on seven prairie grasses via Submittable

Prairie Grass images on Facebook, Twitter, Writers Rising Up Blog, Google+

All Prairie Grass images courtesy of the Prairie Nursery in Westfield, Wisconsin


Indian Grass

June Grass

Little Bluestem

Prairie Cord Grass

Prairie Dropseed

Sideoats Grama




·   Submission Deadline August 19, 2017


·   Subject Matter – Prairie grasses. 


·  Include-name, city and state and bio in submission.


·   Winning poet(s) to be included in the online publication at Writers Rising Up.


·  Poems must be orginal and not be previously published


 . Submit to Submittable link up to seven poems no longer than 20 lines each.


·  Writer owns all rights


.  $10.00 Submission fee