Digging to the Roots 2014 Calendar Photos











Digging to the Roots 2014 Calendar Image Selection Process

This year we're asking writers to craft their poems using images like this Milk Pod as their inspiration.

2014 Images are at this URL http://writersrisingup.com/2018/2013-03-04-21-15-24/details/4


Selected images will be used for the 2014 Digging to the Roots Calendar which will be posted at the link below.


Writers Rising Up  needs 12 poems from 12 different poets for our 2014 Digging to the Roots Calendar.


The poems must go with the images on this page. http://writersrisingup.com/2018/2013-03-04-21-15-24/details/4


There are 15 images, but we’re only going to do 12 images and 12 poems.


We are NOW only going to do a downloadable online version this year because of the cost of doing a paper calendar.


Please send up to 12 original poems, no longer than 20 lines with a short bio, name, contact info and city and state of residence.


All are welcome…deadline was Dec 1st, but we’re extending the deadline to the 15th of Dec. 2013

Those who have been selected to have their poems included will be contacted.

Best of the Season,

Writers Rising Up




Poems will now be submitted to writersrisingup@yahoo.com.