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Paul Gruchow

Paul Gruchow Essay Contest 2015- Submission deadline April 18, 2015. Guidelines at the Events/Contests link. Submit at the Submittable link.

In his book "Grass Roots: The Necessity of Home," the acknowledgements are a tribute to Bill Holm, Emilie Buchwald, Carol Bly, the Land Institute and the Land Stewardship Association and others  for their help and support. The  first chapter, called "Home is a Place in Time," gives "shape and substance" to the abstract: what is time? Paul writes, "Nostalgia is the clinical term for homesickness, for the desire to be rooted in a place --to know clearly, that is, what time is. This desire need not imply the impulse to turn back the clock, which of course we cannot do. It recognizes, rather, the truth--if home is a place in time--that we cannot know where we are now unless we can remember where we have come from."

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