Wilderness in the City: Spring Tour: Mark Herwig


Wilderness in the City: Spring Writing Tour with Mark Herwig

With the long anticipated respite from spring rains, the trail was a tad soggy with a few mudslides, but manageable.

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Wilderness in the City: Spring Tour


Wilderness in the City: Spring Writing Tour: Ramblings from the Trail

What the season of spring and the land gives you and what you should give back?

May 26th with Mark Herwig Editor of Pheasants Forever

10 to 12 Noon- Bring a notebook, pen and camera…

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Digging to the Roots 2014 Calendar Photos











Digging to the Roots 2014 Calendar Image Selection Process

This year we're asking writers to craft their poems using images like this Milk Pod as their inspiration.

2014 Images are at this URL http://writersrisingup.com/2018/2013-03-04-21-15-24/details/4


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Bill Holm

Bill Holm

Bill Holm (August 25, 1943- February 25, 2009)  was born in 1943 on a farm north of Minneota.   He continues to live in Minneota half the year while he teaches at Southwest State University in Marshall.  He spends his summers at his little house on a northern Iceland fjord where he writes, practices the piano, and waits for the first dark after three months of daylight.  He is the author of nine books, both poetry and essays. His most recent prose book is Eccentric Islands (Milkweed Editions, 2000).

He is working on a new prose book: The Windows of Brimnes, a long essay on what the United States and the last forty years of his own life look like when viewed from the windows of his house just south of the Arctic Circle. The view is not cheerful these days.

Digging to the Roots Calendar Winner, Larry Gavin

Larry Gavin, Faribault Minnesota

Larry Gavin’s three books of poetry Necessities, Least Resistance, and Stone & Sky are all from Red Dragonfly Press at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, Minnesota.  In addition to poetry, Mr. Gavin worked for fifteen years as senior editor for Midwest Fly Fishing Magazine, where he wrote over eighty articles on the environment, fly fishing, and issues facing the Midwest’s cold-water streams.  He currently writes weekly for Minnesota Outdoor News, and coordinates writing panels for The Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo in Chicago and Minneapolis each year.

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Digging to the Roots Calendar Winner, Janet McCann

Janet McCann, College Station, Texas

Janet McCann is a Texas crone poet who has been teaching at Texas A&M since 1969.  She had an NEA (National Endowment for the Arts), fellowship grant in Poetry in 1989, and has numerous chapbooks and books as well as individual poems in journals.  Her most recent collection is Carlos’ Cafe (Sacramento Poetry Center, 2012).



Digging to the Roots Calendar Winner, Lois Parker Edstrom

Lois Parker Edstrom, Coupeville, Washington

Lois Parker Edstrom, a native of the Pacific Northwest, lives on an island off the coast of Washington.  The island and her love of art are the inspiration for many of her poems which have appeared in the Birmingham Arts Journal, Borderlands:  Texas Poetry Review, Rock and Sling, Connecticut River Review, among others.

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Digging to the Roots Calendar Winner, Marri Champie

Marri Champie, Kuna, Idaho

Marri has an MA in Writing, with minors in photography and Earth Science.  She won three Dell Awards for Fantasy/Science Fiction, and is a published poet, and novelist.  She lives on a small ranch overlooking the Great Basin of Idaho with her horses and Jack Russell terriers.



Digging to the Roots Calendar Winner, Lucile Barker

Lucile Barker, Toronto, Ontario

Lucile Barker is a Toronto poet, writer and activist. Since 1994, she has been the co-ordinator of the Joy of Writing, a weekly workshop at the Ralph Thornton Centre.

Recent publications include Memewar, Room, Antigonish Review, Rougarou, Litterbox, Flashlight Memories, Bat Shat, Snakeskin Review, Hinchas de Poesia, Jet Fuel Review,

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Digging to the Roots Calendar Winner, Marge Barrett

Marge Barrett, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Marge Barrett has published a chapbook of poetry, My Memoir Dress, prose and poetry in Best of the Web 2009, the Minnesota Historical Society’s The State We’re In, and numerous journals.  She has won creative writing awards from St. Catherine University and the MFA Program at the University of Minnesota and grants to study in Prague and St. Petersburg.  A former editor of River Images for the St. Croix ArtBarn and faculty advisor of Ivory Tower for the University of Minnesota, she currently teaches at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis and various writing workshops.

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