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Writers Rising Up Calendar of Events and Contests

Bug City: Make a Bug- Submit & Join us July 4, 2017 Eden Prairie Hometown Celebration
Sunday, January 1, 2017 - Friday, June 1, 2018  


Bug City: Make a Bug 

Buggy Poetry in the Shape of a Bug

(Shaped Poems)


Join us on July 4th at the Eden Prairie Hometown Celebration and submit 5 poems at our Submittable link. Deadline June 1st, 2018. (See images and bug list below)

Come on over and meet your neighbors seed carrying ants that fertilize the forest floor.

Meet nocturnal beetles with luminescent tummies..

Choose from the bugs, butterflies, beetles and moths - Get ready, Write in the shape of each bug

Bug City: make a bug - Buggy Poetry in the shape of a bug: Contest for kids up to age 18 - Deadline June 1, 2018  $25.00 Prize

Poems must be in the shape of bugs  (Shaped Poems) on our bug list is below and at


See Pinterest URLs for examples of Shaped Poetry at  or Wilderness in the City Ramblings section on our front page .

All these bugs live at the Elizabeth Fries Ellet Interpretive Trail at the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area in Eden Prairie. Bug images and biomes are included in the list below.


Join us at our buggy tent for Eden Prairie's Hometown Celebration Saturday  July 4, 2018

Get inspired by touring the neighborhoods at the Elizabeth Fries Ellet Interpretive Trail at the RIchard T. Anderson Conservation Area in Eden Prairie.There are six interpretive signs based on the biomes at the RTA, including the.Minnesota River, Bottomland Forest, Sedge Meadow, Big Woods, Oak Savanna and Prairie. The Settler's Ridge Sign is based on the history of the area.



1. Common Milkweed Beetle, (Tetraopes tetrophthalmus) live in the Prairie, Oak Savanna

2. Green Darner Dragonfly, (Anax Junius), lives in Bottomland Forest, Sedge Meadow, Minnesota River

3. Comma Butterfly, (Polgonia comma) Big Woods, Bottomland Forest

4. Silver Spotted Skipper, (Epargyreus clarus) Prairie, Oak Savanna

5. Green Tiger Beetle, (Cincidela)  Big Woods 

6. Mayfly,  (Ephemeroptera ) Minnesota River, Bottomland Forest, Sedge Meadow

7. Ebony Jewelking Damselfly, (Caloperyx maculatus), Minnesota River, Sedge Meadow, Bottomland Forest

8. Ant, (Formicidae) Bottomland Forest,  Prairie, Oak Savanna, Big Woods, Bottomland Forest

9. Damselfly, (Odonata), Minnesota River, Bottomland Forest, Sedge Meadow

10. Soldier  Beetle,  (Cantharidae)  Prairie


Thanks to Ron Huber, Minneosta Native Plant Society, Entomologist, Minnesota Science Museum for species identification.





  1. All ages.
  2. Write a Buggy Poem of no more than 20 to 30 lines for EACH BUG in their shape.
  3. There are 10 bugs for 10 poems.
  4. Submit at Sumittable @submittable
  5. $10.00 submission fee
  6. Winning poems will be published at Writers Rising Up
  7.  All poems must be original- Writers Own All Rights
  8.  More than one winner, means winners split prize.