2012 Prairie Poetry Prize Co-Winner, Ruth Hill

Ruth Hill was born and educated in upstate New York. She explored the Adirondacks, Appalachia and Alaska. She sailed BC, and became a Design Engineer. She is a dedicated tutor, and enjoys spoken word. Her poetry appears in Apollo’s Lyre, Cyclamens & Swords, Decanto, Little Red Tree, Litchfield Review, New Millennium Writings, Ocean Magazine, Poets for Human Rights, Rose & Thorn, Reach of Song, Song of the San Joaquin, and many more.

Ruth believes we can help the environment through inspiration with art, photography, and writing. She grieves over plant and animal habitats, populations, and DNA strength being so rapidly depleted. She lived entirely “off the grid” for 7 years of her life. She was a member of Recycling and Environmental Action Planning, and Farmers’ Market, in Prince George, BC. She rides in “Paddle for the Peace” to save BC’s Peace River from another mega dam. With engineering, she promotes geothermal and alternative power, and teaches organic gardening. She now enjoys nature 3 hours South of the Yukon border.