The City of Eden Prairie, Minnesota owes its name to Elizabeth Fries Ellet, the East Coast writer who visited the area in 1852. In her travelogue book, Summer Rambles in the West, Ellet described the Minnesota River Valley which adjoins the current day City of Eden Prairie, as the garden spot of the territory.  Learn more about Elizabeth Fries Ellet on Wiki



The Elizabeth Fries Ellet Interpretive Trail project is sponsored by Writers Rising Up to Defend Place, Natural Habitat, Wetlands, an Eden Prairie based 501(c) (3) non-profit raising funds for interpretive signage and programs on a public trail in city parkland.  Donations are tax deductible.  Donate to our 2015 Wilderness in the City Trail Excursions at GiveMN and Razoo.

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Sign Sponsors

Minnesota River Entry Interpretive Signage sponsored by the Eden Prairie Lions Club
Settler's Ridge Entry Interpretive Signage sponsored by the Eden Prairie Lions Club
Sedge Meadow Interpretive Signage sponsored by the Eden Prairie Lions Club
Big Woods Interpretive Signage sponsored by the Metropolitan Airports Commission
Prairie Interpretive Signage sponsored by the Metropolitan Airports Commission
Bottomland Forest Interpretive Signage sponsored by the Clark Family of Eden Prairie
Oak Savanna Interpretive Signage sponsored by the Eden Prairie Foundation

Sign sponsors will be included in the Trail Guide which will be available online at, at the Eden Prairie City Center, at sponsoring businesses and online at this site.


Trail Sign Sponsors

Thanks to the many city representatives for their support ....

Our appreciation to the city of Eden Prairie, City Manager Scott Neal, former Eden Prairie Parks and Recreation Director Bob Lambert, former Mayor Nancy Tryra Lukens, former council member Ron Case, Stu Fox, Doug Ernst, the Eden Prairie Parks & Recreation Staff and Kathie Case representing the Eden Prairie Historical Society for their support.


Elizabeth Fries Ellet Interpretive Trail
Project Credits as of 9-05

  1. Huntington Library, San Marino CA
  2. Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods
  3. Minnesota Historical Society
  4. Mdewakanton Sioux Community
  5. Rare Books & Special Collections, Northern Illinois University
  6. Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center,The University of Texas at Austin
  7. Audubon Minnesota, Mark Martell
  8. Robert Dana, Ph. D., MN DNR
  9. Ron Huber, SMM, Science Museum of Minnesota
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  12. New York Public Library,New York City, New York
  13. Prairie Nursery of Westfield Wisconsin
  14. W. Duncan MacMillan and the Afton Historical Society Press
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  17. National Gallery of Art
  18. Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
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  22. Vireo
  23. Allen B. Sheldon
  24. Betsy Betros
  25. Duke University, Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library

Business, Community, and Web Rebuild Sponsors:

Eden Prairie Lions Club
Eden Prairie Foundation
Metropolitan Airports Commission
Clark Family of Eden Prairie
Anchor Bank
Andreas Companies
Dunn Bros Smith Douglas More House
Allegra Print & Imaging, Eden Prairie
Cedar Ridge Elementary
Geraldine Beckmann
Miles & Cheryl Cohen
Bryndal Family
Daniel Shaw & Judith McKloskey
Sandy Wertz
Jeff and Nancy Lukens
Ron and Kathie Case
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux
Lions Tap
McCray Allstate Insurance
Halla Nursery
Marshall's Farm Market
Mark and Jan Mosman
Settler's Ridge Neighbors
Rebecca Ference
Linda Hayen
Neuman Family
Lorayne & Donald Streeter
Kristen Heeringa


RTACA Bird List
Bottomland Forest Plant Community Sedge Meadow Plant Community Oak Savanna Plant Community
American Woodcock Blue-winged Teal Red-headed Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker Northern Harrier Red-tailed Hawk
Wood Duck Red-winged Blackbird Loggerhead Shrike
Pronthonotary Warbler Great Egret Eastern Kingbird
Cerulean Warbler Pied-billed Grebe Northern Flicker
Red-shouldered Hawk   Great Crested Flycatcher
    Black Tern
Big Woods Plant Community Minnesota River Plant Community Prairie Plant Community
Great Horned Owl Bald Eagle Bobolink
Broad-winged Hawk Trumpeter Swan Killdeer
Wood Thrush White Pelican Eastern Meadowlark
Wild Turkey Great Blue Heron Common Nighhawk
Red-Eyed Vireo Mallard Duck Eastern Kingbird
Brown-headed Cowbird Belted Kingfisher  



  • Trail Ramblings


    Ramblings about Ellet's Minnesota Excursion written in her book Summer Rambles in the West ...published in 1853
    (Ramblings from the Trail TM has been registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office as a series of articles about Elizabeth Fries Ellet.)

  • Artisans of the Trail